Shaun Gillanders BHSAI

British Horse Society qualified intructor, freelance coaching in all equestrian disciplines.


  • Warm friendly, person centred coaching
  • Over 10 years coaching experience in all ages and stages
  • One on One or group coaching
  • Experienced Pony Club instructor
  • Exam preparation available
  • Horse schooling


If you have a riding issue, a horse issue or a management issue I would love to help.  I have run my own riding school for 15 years with up to 40 horses and ponies in it and I have my BHS Stage 1, 2 and 3 exams and my BHS Teaching Test.  Between the hundreds of hours of experience in teaching riding and horse care and the BHS qualifications I'm sure I can help you find a solution.


If you have a riding issue I can come out to you and your horse and we can work on the problem together.  I have taught hundreds of people to ride and improve their riding and have a host of practical excercises you and your horse can do.


If you have a horse issue that we can't resolve through riding lessons then I can school your horse for you to help your horse learn a better way of riding.


If you have a management issue then I can advise you on best practice for your yard to keep you, your horse and other people safe and happy.


Rest assured that if I don't have a solution, I will be honest and tell you and recommend an alternative source of information.


If your not sure whether I can help then why not email me or call me or WhatsApp me.


Alternatively, why not fill out the form below, just send me your contact details and a little bit about the problems you are having.